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Does pregnancy make my butt look big?

This morning on the aforementioned PATH train (Pretty Awful Train Hell or any derivation thereof) I saw the most horrendous thing that deserves the biggest time out EVER…

I was seated next to another young woman with a broken toe (she had on a walking cast) and next to her were two able bodied middle aged men.  On the other side of me were more ABLE BODIED MEN.  Enter an extremeley pregnant woman.  NOTE to all men:  you can tell a woman is pregnant when she has thin arms and a gianormous belly.  Did one of them stand up to give her their seat? NOPE.

And not to toot my own horn here (well, ok, maybe to toot just a little) I stood up, pointy toed heels and all and gave her my GD seat. 

Being born with male genitals means you will never have to endure pregnancy and that you will have to give up your seat on the PATH train and be the last on the life raft when your ship is sinking.  Time out to those suits who think they are too good for this.  PS your wives probably hate you too.


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