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27 Dresses out on DVD (or video as we used to say…)

After a week of depressing April weather with not a glimpse of summer in sight, I decided to rent 27 Dresses on Friday night–just out on DVD.  And, of course, I LOVED IT.  Any movie that capitalizes on an Elton John song for its biggest and best scene is a cinematic masterpiece (see Almost Famous et al).

For those of you who don’t obsess over the wedding announcements in the New York Times or myriad other local papers, you probably won’t like the movie.  But then again you might because Katherine Heigel is pretty good looking and you’re probably male.

In any event, I would like to point out that this past Sunday’s “Vows” section in the famed “Weddings and Celebrations” portion of the Times is particularly wonderful.  It includes the wedding of Lisa Stenson and Antonio Desamours and phrases like, “she is the black Jacqueline Kennedy,” and “assuming the elegance of a seasoned ballroom dancer…” as well as a reference to a token trip to the Hamptons. 

For all the brides out there, white or black or brown, all you need to do is hit on these three things and your wedding will be covered in the Times.  It also helps if you or your finance is from Connecticut.  It sounds better than Jersey…

See also Gawker:  Altarcations. They talk about the wedding announcements every week but are funnier than me.


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