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There are a cuple of problems with this…

1)  If something is a “trend” in the Hamptons it most likely is seen as completely bizarre to the rest of the country

2)  Why do the McCain and Obama cups say just that but the Hillary ones say “Hillary”?  HMMM


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Anyone who married James Taylor is a friend of mine

Apparently some genius put their dope down and decided to write a biography about Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, and Carole King.  Do I consider this literature?  NO.  Do I consider this an advancement of society and culture?  Absolutely. 

I mean all I know of poor Joni’s existence now is from that ridiculous article the Times did a year or so ago about how she is currently choreographing ballets or something equally as absurd.

I believe the book title and jacket say it all—GIRLS LIKE US.  Yes, just like Senator Obama these ladies have had trouble relatin’ to the common folk.  Maybe they should try eating waffles at a greasy diner…

Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon--And the Journey of a Generation

I have included the Amazon link for all you instant gratificationers.

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“As the Wright speaks out, new problems for Obama?”–NYT


Is the venerable NYT now the Post??  Granted this is in “The Caucus” political blog section and not the front page of the newspaper but still.  Come on Timesy are we really going to start with the puns and play on words so that middle class American will buy our paper?  If so then I am going to relegate you to the laundry room floor to sop up the mud on my dog’s paws when he comes in from the rain.

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