I am SO glad you play football too


In yesterday’s NYT we had an interesting piece on author and n+1 editor, Keith Gessen.  Though the posed photos on the left hand side of the screen leave something to be desired, I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that this well-known hipster and young member of the literati was interviewed while playing a game of football with the dudes.  We are to assume this is a regularly scheduled game and not a mere case of “pick-up football” in Prospect park due to the fact that Mr. Gessen’s teammates are bummed out that he will be leaving on book tour and no longer able to play with them.  

I recently read All the Sad Young Literary Men and I am SO relieved to know that this guy plays football you have no idea.  I mean there really are a dwindling supply of single, straight, alpah male-esque sort of artsy men available.  And since his book seems, I hate to say it, extremely autobiographical, knowing that the “Keith character” gets down and dirty with said, “literary agents, bloggers, and bond traders” proves his masculinity and makes him somewhat more enchanting to me.

If you want to read Mr. Gessen’s novel I suggest skipping to the chapter entitled, Google.  It is by FAR the wittiest and most self-depracating you will find.


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