4/28 Miley “Don’t drop the sheet” Cyrus

Today’s “I think you need a time out” goes to……MILEY CYRUS.  I mean obvi.  I would love to have Annie L. take my snap shot half clothed too–don’t get me wrong–but I also don’t have my own mega empire through the Disney channel nor am I 15 years old.  Yes, Miley, I see the artistic value in what you did OF COURSE I DO.  But would I have when I was in middle school??  NOPE.  Therein lies the problem.



  1. gabistan said

    i wonder who was there with her as a guardian… i just dont think 15 year olds should be wrapped in bedsheets for a photo shoot… i think Annie needs a time out as well! teens really dont have the judgement and forward-thinking for this type of decision… i mean, have you seen myspace?

  2. leolitchic said

    Yeah I pondered that as well. I read that a guardian or “handler” was present at all times during the shoot but maybe they were too busy at craft services when Miley was unveiling….who knows?

    And Annie, artist that she is, can’t seem to resist young milky white flesh…or flesh of any kind for that matter…

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